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Summer Hours and more at Knit Unique!

Summer Hours and more at Knit Unique!

As the kids get out of school, snow is just a memory, and our gardens begin to get out of hand, Knit Unique once again announces the beginning of summer hours!  Our shop hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 6.  Our social knit night will continue on Tuesday evenings between the hours of 6 and 8 as usual.  As we gear up for summer, our instructors are brainstorming on fun, quick classes and knit a longs (one of which begins tonight!) and we will post these classes on our calendar as they get scheduled.  We are very excited that Rachel has begun to teach crochet classes here in the shop, there will be another one starting on June 5, so if you missed the last one, you will want to sign up!

In other news around the store, our fearless leader, Kelley, is throwing away her cigarettes as of June 1st, and we know that she will appreciate any and all support from our extended Knit Unique family!  We are all very proud of her and will give her all of our support.  Her reasons are noble:  basically, she is doing it so that she can be a more healthy Kelley and be around for many years to come to enjoy her family, her shop, and her fibers!  So, her method is this:  she plans to briing her lovely Golding wheel to the shop and when she has the urge to step out back for a smoke, she will detour to the classroom area and spin up a skein or two of roving until she feels the "moment" pass!  Our best to Kelley as she takes to plunge!

We are planning a summer travel map and would love it if you would let us know where you are taking your knitting or crocheting this summer!  We will mark it on the map and when autumn rolls around, won't it be fun to see where all of our fiber fiends have traveled!  Maybe we can do an exhibit in the fall of the projects that started at Knit Unique and went all over the country and the world.  Hmmm...what do you think?  Drop us an email:, give us a call at (435)787-2616 or stop on by the store at 27 North Main in Logan!

In the mean time, travel safe, and keep those hooks and needles moving!