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Cascade Eco Alpaca for Autumn!

Cascade Eco Alpaca for Autumn!

Warm up for Autumn with Mocha or Toffe or Latte Twist!  No, Knit Unique did not add a coffee bar, but we do have a lovely 100% undyed Alpaca yarn from Cascade!  Eco Alpaca is a worsted weight yarn that is soft, soft, soft and because it is undyed, you get all the lovely colors that Mother Nature gave the Alpacas!  Follow the link to some of Cascade's wonderful free pattern downloads using Eco Alpaca.

Some reasons (other than the beauty of it!)  to use Alpaca yarn in your projects:  Alpaca is lightweight, warm, durable, and hypoallergenic.  Not to mention soft.  The warmth of the wool is due in part to the fact that Alpaca hair is hollow, which allows it to trap the warmth for more effecient insulation.  The outside of the fiber is smooth making it so soft, and because Alpacas do not produce lanolin, the wool is hypoallergenic.  This makes it ideal for babies and folks who may be allergic to wool.  The light weight of a finished Alpaca garment is popular with outdoor winter sport enthusiasts as they get the warmth without the bulk. 

Please come by the shop (27 North Main in Logan) and see what you think of our Cascade Alpaca as well as our many other brands, weights, and colors of this fantastic, versatile, user freindly yarn!



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