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Summer Hours and more at Knit Unique!
As the kids get out of school, snow is just a memory, and our gardens begin to get out of hand, Knit Unique once again announces the beginning of summer hours!  Our shop hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 6.  Our social knit night will continue on Tuesday evenings between the hours of 6 and 8 as usual.  As we gear up for summer, our instructors are brainstorming on fun, quick classes and knit a longs (one of which begins tonight!) and we will post these classes o..
We are so sorry to inform you that due to a construction accident next door (no injuries, thankfully!) we have lost power at the shop until at least Sunday.  Unfortunately, this means that we cannot be open on Saturday.  We hope to be able to open on Monday, if not we will post a notice here.  Thank you soo very much for your understanding! ..
Knit to be Fit!
Knit to be Fit! - 03/06/2013
Many of you have probably seen the blog posts by now, on our blog,, where the Knit to be Fit project is being documented.  If not, check it out!  Christy (myself!) has begun working toward several pretty hefty goals.  One, to knit a beautiful dress.  Two, to shrink a couple of sizes to better show off this dress when it is completed!  It has been wonderful to be on the receiving end of so much encouragement and support from the fellow Knit..
Knit Unique's Thanksgiving Hours and ShopSmall Saturday Sales!
  Knit Unique would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and friendship that you, our most wonderful customers and friends, have shown us in our first two years of business!  We so enjoyed our birthday party last week and were so delighted by the masses of well wishers that turned out to celebrate with us!  Very overwhelming, thank you so much. As Thanksgiving approaches (rapidly!), we would like to just let you all know how very thankful we ar..
Happy Birthday to Us!
Happy Birthday to Us! - 11/09/2012
Knit Unique is so excited to announce that thanks to YOU, our dear customers, we are celebrating our SECOND BIRTHDAY!!  Each and every one of you are invited to celebrate with us on Tuesday, November 13 from 10 a.m to 8 p.m.!  Come party all day long with us!  We will have sales, hourly drawings, crazy hat winners at 2:00, and a special "working girl" sale from 5 to 8 for those of you who have to wait until after work to come on in!  Here is a preview of our sale: ..
Knit Unqiue Hours on Halloween!
The scariest day of the year will find Knit Unique closed for inventory.  We appologize in advance for any inconvenience to our customers.  All of our crazy Crazy Hat Contestants, do not fear, bring those hats in to the shop either the day before or the day after Halloween.  Thank you to those who have already dropped them off, we love 'em!  Again, we appologize for any inconvenience, but an inventory is an unforgiving mistress! ..
Is It Really Going To Rain??
Well, the guy on the radio SAID it MIGHT rain today!  What is rain, you might ask??  If you recall, it is the wet drops that fall from the sky and cause there to be mud.  Mud is that oozy stuff that is formed when water mixes with dirt or dust on the ground.  Now, it has been a looooong time since any of us have seen mud, but it can potentially ruin you good shoes!  Well, Knit Unique has a solution for that!  Clear rain boots that allow you to show off your b..
September 28, 2012 Starting in October, Saturdays at Knit Unique will bring Quick for Christmas Gift classes at Knit Unique!  Starting on the 6th with dog and cat toys, moving to gnomes and soap bags on the 13th, mohair bells on the 20th, and finishing up October Saturdays with ornaments on the 27th!  These classes are 2 hours from 2 to 4 p.m. each Saturday and the fee is $10.00.  Call a friend and schedule a time to come in to take one of these fun and easy classes and you..
Cascade Eco Alpaca for Autumn!
Warm up for Autumn with Mocha or Toffe or Latte Twist!  No, Knit Unique did not add a coffee bar, but we do have a lovely 100% undyed Alpaca yarn from Cascade!  Eco Alpaca is a worsted weight yarn that is soft, soft, soft and because it is undyed, you get all the lovely colors that Mother Nature gave the Alpacas!  Follow the link to some of Cascade's wonderful free pattern downloads using Eco Alpaca.